Heat treatment shop

1) Electric Hardening Furnace
(40 K.W. Muffle Type)

One of the most important process Engine valve manufacturing is heat-treatment. We have three important machines for the same. Electrical Hardening Muffle type Furnace capable of reaching temperature upto 1200° C is used for Hardening or normalizing process as required.

The furnace is equipped with Continuous Graph Recorder. The advantage of using Electrical furnace over oil fire furnace is uniformity in temperature.

2) Electric Tempering Furnace (15 K.W. with Forced Air Circulation)

Electrical Forced Air Circulation Furnace can reach temperatures upto 700° C & is used for stress-relieving or tempering operations.

3) Induction Hardening Machines (10 K.W. Capacity)

RF 10 KW Induction Heating machine is used for Tip end & Seat Area Hardening. The major advantage of heating by Induction over other methods being it is easier to control case depth along with a very high consistency in results.

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